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AWS Solution Architect Associate

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An ELB is diverting traffic across 5 instances. One of the instances was unhealthy only for 20 minutes. What will happen after 20 minutes when the instance becomes healthy?


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Currently an FTP server is used to ingest data from a customer of varying sizes; some files as large as 1 GB and as small as 5 KB. A more robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution would be preferred. Processing of the data must happen with an hour or less of the data arriving. Of the following options, which design best suits the replacement of the FTP server design? The clients are open to installing other clients/agents, if needed.

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A user is configuring the HTTPS protocol on a front end ELB and the SSL protocol for the back-end listener in ELB. What will ELB do?

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Your tech lead wants you to configure AutoScaling which scales up when the CPU utilization is above 70% and scales down when the CPU utilization is below 30%. How can you configure AutoScaling for the above mentioned conditions?

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A user has launched one EC2 instance in the US West region. The user wants to access the RDS instance launched in the US East region from that EC2 instance. How can the user configure the access for that EC2 instance?

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Can one instance be registered with two ELBs in the same region?

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With regard to DynamoDB, increases in throughput level of a table will typically----------

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A cloudformation template successfully runs in the region in which it was developed. Upon running the cloudformation template in another region, it creates some resources then fails when it builds EC2 instances. What could be the problem?

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Which services could be used to stream custom application logs?

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What is the development practice used when a failure of the other end occurs, and instead of an endless loop, we stop trying and create a "ping" until the service is back up to resume operations?

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